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Set goals and actually accomplish them by making a fail-proof plan and surrounding yourself with the network of people that will not only inspire you, but help you stay focused and on track.

In the Vision Board To Reality 3-Day Challenge you will discover the following:

  • Day 1: You will start by learning why starting at the end of your life is the most important step you can take in defining any goal for your life. You'll learn how to write your own Eulogy that will help you realize what is truly important that you accomplish with your ONE chance on Earth. This exercise will allow you to get insanely clear and focus like a laser beam on making your goals a reality.
  • Day 2: After writing your Eulogy on Day 1 you will now realize what is truly important to you in your life. Day 2 is where you will learn how to break down those long-term goals (think 10-25 years) into an actionable game plan for the next 1 year. From there you'll actually understand what you have to start and stop doing in the next 90 days to make sure you hit those 1 year goals. Day 2 is all about creating an action plan for the goals you set- this is where most people fail.
  • Day 3: This is vision board day! It might sound a little "woo-woo" but don't think about it like that. A vision board is really just you pulling everything you want to be true in your life out of your head and putting them into a visual format that will remind you every single day what you are working toward. Vision boards are proven to work because they keep you awake, focused, and away from any distractions that may look like opportunities. In Day 3 you'll learn G-FORCE Founder, Britnie Turner's, tried and true method to creating the perfect vision board.