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G-FORCE Mastermind exists to elevate the forces for good in the world. The people with the biggest hearts to serve should be the one's with the most money, time, and resources in order to do so. Through the G-FORCE social learning approach, the community of members leverage their resources and expertise to create sustainable and scalable impact. Through this network of force for good entrepreneurs, G-FORCE is driving positive change and creating a better future for all.

G-FORCE Programs

Every great entrepreneur once had a starting point. G-FORCE exists to serve entrepreneurs at all levels – whether your business has a $500M+ in annual revenue, or you are still working a 9-5 with a goal of starting your own business someday.

G-FORCE Mastermind

G-FORCE Mastermind is an exclusive, invite-only, community of high net worth, force for good entrepreneurs.

Members consist of successful entrepreneurs from across the world, all specializing in various industries, and acting as a catalyst for positive change in their respective fields.

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G-FORCE Entrepreneurs

G-FORCE Entrepreneurs is the 12-week coaching program + 5-day all-inclusive retreat that will kickstart your journey into force for good entrepreneurship. Led by G-FORCE Founder, Britnie Turner.

Members consist of everyone from first-time entrepreneurs, to trailblazing entrepreneurs looking to align their business closer to their purpose.

The goal of G-FORCE Entrepreneurs is help you build a foundation rooted in impact in order to scale your business, income, and impact.

After successful completion of the G-FORCE Entrepreneurs program, you will receive an invitation to join G-FORCE Mastermind.

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G-FORCE Founder: Britnie Turner

Britnie Faith Turner is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, humanitarian, and philanthropist. She is founder and CEO of Aerial Group, a Tennessee-based social enterprise company. 

Turner was a born humanitarian and during the summer of 2007, Britnie set out on a mission trip to Costa Rica. It was there she met a little girl who was handicapped due to being sexually abused by her father. It was then that she went back to her tent, prayed, and dedicated her life to finding ways to change that standard, forever. Turner credits that little girl for being the main reason she started and scaled her businesses and her impact. 

The next year, Turner started working for free while living out of her car to learn the real estate business. Flash forward 15 years, Turner has several companies under the Aerial Group brand that all work together towards her mission of elevating people and places.

Turner’s vision for wiping out poverty and sex trafficking at its root is accomplished through helping nations develop into thriving prosperous regions with abundant opportunity for their people.

Turner created G-FORCE in March of 2020, the week the world shut down due to the worldwide pandemic. Her goal was to attract the forces for good, and meet with them weekly to collaborate, network, and share ideas that would keep their businesses not only surviving but thriving. Now, G-FORCE has evolved into the gold standard mastermind for purpose-driven entrepreneurship education and networking.

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Align your life's purpose with your business to sustainably scale your income and impact.

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