4 Key Systems Needed to Achieve “Whole Life” Success

Sep 19, 2020

I want to ask you a question. This is a profound question that only you can honestly answer, but can be a catalyst for significant success in your life. Are you living right now as your highest and best self? And is that self showing up equally across your business, family, health, and community? 

Many people measure their success by comparing themselves to other people or attaching it to material objects, like cars or houses. For the longest time, I measured my success by its impact on other people, but not how it manifested in my own life. It took some time to learn that I needed to strive for “whole life” success, not just business success.

In my G-FORCE mastermind, we talk about how to go after that “whole life success,” which is the feeling of peace and joy, living with optimized health and happy, connected relationships, impacting the world with your purpose, and living free.

I have found that I do this best by operating from a place of grace. I don’t work out because I hate my body; I work out because I love myself. I want to continue working alongside my Aerial Recovery Group team after major disasters. I want to be around for several decades, creating change and eradicating poverty at its root. I can’t do that without taking a proactive approach to my health. It’s the same with relationships and my faith. I want to show up, be fully present, and live my life to the fullest in my purpose

That best self, and that success, is not going just to appear one day. It’s not luck, and it won’t fall in your lap. One of the G-FORCE coaches, John Guydon, reminded us this week that how you do anything is how you do everything. Your success (or not) is built on your everyday habits. You need to put the systems in place for yourself to thrive! 

Today I want to share the four major systems that I use in my personal life and business to keep me on track for whole life success. 

System #1: Time Tracking

We are only given one chance on Earth. Time is our only finite or nonrenewable resource, making it your most valuable asset. The first thing I make my students and members do is conduct a time study to identify how much of it they are spending on activities that don’t help move them closer to their goals. You can’t measure, or fix, what you don’t track. 

System #2: Scalability 

One of the things I see students struggle with when conducting their time study is identifying how to automate and outsource tasks that you don’t need to be doing. So many entrepreneurs are afraid to let go of the reins in their business. They falsely believe they are the only person who can do something.

The problem is that until you can remove yourself from working IN your business, you will never be able to focus on working ON your business. It’s vital to figure out which activities you do that are the most valuable in terms of dollars in the door and focus on doing more of those. This means building a fantastic team of A-players to support you and help you scale your business. You can read more about hiring A-players here.

System #3: Goal Tracking

I also believe it’s essential to track your goals. Our members create a one-page plan to break down how and what to do next to hit their goals. Just like in sales, fortune is in the follow-up. You need to set the big goals and the micro-goals and check in regularly to see if you’re staying on track.  

System #4: Establish Priorities

Like I mentioned earlier, time is your most valuable asset, and all tasks are not created equally. Instead of waking up each day and rolling the dice on what to do, make yourself a system for success. Highlight your most important priorities to serve as your reminder to stay focused.

Your future depends on you focusing on the rocks of your business - the most foundational projects and priorities - and letting the sand (anything extraneous to your mission) fall where it may. 

So organize yourself and your priorities - before you know it, you’ll be the highest and best version you can be. 

Every week in our G-FORCE Mastermind, we share tips, tricks, and ready-to-use resources for becoming better entrepreneurs and leaders, including my custom priority management system. Join us for even more insights by scheduling a discovery interview with our team here.


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