6 Mindset Rules to Become a Successful and Impactful Force for Good

Sep 18, 2020

Every week I get the opportunity to strategize and brainstorm with the most amazing group of people during my G-FORCE Mastermind session. One of the things I love most about this group is that each and every member is actively using their business to create real, measurable and positive impact in the world. They, like myself, understand that success, money and wealth are merely expansion tools of the heart and not the “root of all evil.” 

For many entrepreneurs though, that lesson is often missed because they were taught negative mindset beliefs around money while growing up. As a result, their opportunities for creating impact are diminished by a false sense of guilt and greed for desiring wealth when in fact, money is not evil.

Early on in my entrepreneurial journey, I realized that many of the books, courses and podcasts in the world about how to “be successful” and “make money” exploited society’s limiting beliefs as leverage against their customers, partners, and even their employees.  

The 6 Powerful Mindset Rules That Made Me Successful 

I will be honest - this was discouraging. I didn’t want to be that kind of person or leader. I believe in my heart that true leaders build bridges, not barriers. I hoped, and have now proven, that I could still be successful without operating from a greed-driven mindset.

So, I got to work creating my own rules to live by - and they are now my “cheat sheet” for how to be an impactful and successful force for good in everything I do. My hope is that by sharing them with you, you will be able to break through any false beliefs holding you back from living in your purpose.

RULE #1: The world tells you: Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. 

I say: Give first, love first, and you will walk in abundance. 

By giving, serving and loving, you create space for those things in your life as well. It’s absolutely true that we attract what we put out into the world - when you walk in abundance, abundance continues to come to you.

RULE #2: The world tells you: Do what you want and take what you deserve. 

I say: Be committed and consistent with everything you do. Say what you’re going to do, and then do it with service and excellence.

At the end of the day, you want to build a business, life and reputation of integrity and trust. To do that, you have to be a person who shows up, does the hard work and keeps their word.

RULE #3: The world tells you: Exploit the jealousy of the human heart to make yourself sound better than anyone else. 

I say: We all come from the same Father and can connect on some level - find that connection with everyone you come into contact with. 

One of our most basic human needs is human connection. We all experience pain and joy in our lives and do not want to go through any of it alone. When you can truly connect with others, you will be amazed at the doors that will open.

RULE #4: The world tells you: Use people for your own ends. 

I say: You will never understand the ripple effect of your life and how the small interactions you have every day amount, so be wise with how you treat others. 

I know it seems elementary, but treat others how you want to be treated, and remember: we train people around us how to treat us. We show them what is acceptable, good and bad, so bring respect to everything you do.

RULE #5: The world tells you: Keep your knowledge and expertise to yourself so no one can steal your power. 

I say: Share your expertise as widely as possible - education is the most powerful tool for change

Your story can inspire millions of people around the world - do not keep it to yourself. Competition is only there to hold you accountable to reaching a higher standard. Remember Rule #1.

RULE #6: The world tells you: Use scarcity mindsets and fear to set your own price. 

I say: Give what you can at the value you know it is worth, operating from a place of abundance.

Every truly impactful person I have met operates from this mindset. Their intention and integrity help them filter the things they focus their time on, ensuring they are always providing value.

Use these lessons to live up to your capacity - and always remember that you have unbridled ability to bring more good and light into this world.

If you want to join a group of amazing entrepreneurs focused on learning how to be better leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs and CEOs, check out our G-FORCE Mastermind by scheduling a discovery interview with our team here.


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