How To CAPITALIZE on Your Opportunities

Jun 09, 2020

Jonathan Frederick is the host of a successful podcast called the Heart Healthy Hustle Show. He specializes in interviewing force for good entrepreneurs and is a student of life. In this G-FORCE Influencer Interview, Britnie Turner, Founder and CEO of Aerial and G-Force Mastermind, talks with Jonathan about the blessings in disguise and how we can capitalize on current opportunities.

““There's a difference between taking advantage of a crisis and capitalizing on an opportunity that is happening during a crisis.” - Jonathan Frederick

Jonathan describes pain as the catalyst for his podcast. During a period of being “broke” in all areas of his life, his faith steered him in the direction to serve the greater good. Today he shares 3 practical exercises to help you realize your gifts, unique abilities and understanding that your voice matters.

The #1 Opportunity - TIME

Any excuse we can ever make comes down to time. Whether you believe you don’t have enough time or you’re in a situation where you find yourself with too much time and you’re unsure what to focus on, now is the opportunity to take the time to ask, “who can I serve right now?”

Remember that you are writing the story of your life every day. Whenever you get stressed, start writing from the perspective of your future self in 10 years.

What would the future-you be doing right now?

How would the future-you carry himself or herself? 

How would the future-you operate in the world?

This time gap perspective allows you to learn and discover quicker. 

The List of 300 Things

Take a moment to sit down and ask yourself what you ACTUALLY want in life. Allow yourself to be as honest and specific as possible, even if your initial impulse is to judge your desires as selfish. You’re not allowed to stop until you reach 300. 

What you’ll probably discover around items 60 or 70 is that your question changes from “what do I want?” to “How can I get to the income level required to attain these things or to to help my community?” 

It’s at that point you will begin to ask for the skills that will actually yield those initial items like:

“I want an infinite divine level of wisdom.” 

“I want amazing negotiating skills.

“I want the best connections I can possibly foster while I'm on earth.”

After going through that process with yourself, go back to #1 and examine why you really want those things you initially listed. The goal is to realize that you are enough with or WITHOUT those things.

The “Can I Just ____” Exercise

If there’s an area of your life you need to improve but you’ve been putting off, it’s time to snap out of it and start asking yourself,

“Can I JUST ________ “

Then fill in the blank with small actionable things like “go for a walk”, “read 10 pages” or “do ten push ups”. These small actions are going to drive everything that follows.

What do Force for Good Entrepreneurs Have in Common?

On the Heart Healthy Hustle Show, Jonathan has the opportunity to learn from force for good entrepreneurs and, over the years, he’s come to recognize what sets them apart from the rest of the business owners in the world. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make a larger impact in your community, Jonathan recommends that you… 

  1. Understand that you can take a position in entrepreneurship while doing force for good activities
  2. Approach business ownership from an economic foundation that is solid from the beginning
  3. Start connecting with winners 
  4. Start investing in yourself

Jonathan stresses #4 the most. Investing in yourself can mean reading 100 books, joining a mastermind like G-FORCE, taking online courses, going to events or developing different skills.

“There’s no shortcut to any kind of success. Everyone is still figuring it all out.” - Jonathan Frederick

Want to Connect with Jonathan Frederick?

If you want to hear more interviews with Jonathan Frederick and other force for good entrepreneurs, listen to the Heart Healthy Hustle Show wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also follow Jonathan on Instagram at @hearthealthyhustle.

Watch the full interview here:


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