How to Hire ‘A’ Players in Your Sleep

May 28, 2020

The G-FORCE Mastermind Network comes together every week to discuss current business opportunities for impact and growth, innovative ideas and solutions to increase our overall impact. 

Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial started G-FORCE Mastermind to help entrepreneurs who are committed to being a force for good. She is committed to expediting your entrepreneurial journey by sharing her previous mistakes and challenges, so you can spend less time learning from mistakes and more time serving your community and growing your business. 

This G-FORCE Mastermind session covers a common challenge all entrepreneurs can relate to - hiring the right team or as we like to call them, ‘A’ Players. Employees who do not share your same vision will cost you in time, money and progress; but letting go of bad hires will help you amplify your mission.

What is an ‘A’ Player?

The G-FORCE Network labels any employee with the following qualities as someone we WANT on our team! 

An ‘A’ Player is someone who is solutions oriented, fills in the gaps, maintains a positive attitude, always growth orientated, disciplined, brave and has that ‘GET IT DONE AT ALL COSTS’ energy!

And most importantly, an ‘A’ player is the person who you can trust to finish any task they begin. 

3 Responsibilities as an Entrepreneur 

As entrepreneur’s we have 3 main responsibilities...

  1. Have and hold the mission and vision of the company 
  2. Hire exceptional talent
  3. Make sure they have the resources they need to do their job.

To uphold our commitment to these 3 responsibilities, it’s crucial to have a system in place that allows the RIGHT employee to find you. We often hear of marketing funnels or sales funnels but it’s not a common term used for the hiring process. We have to think of finding the right employee or contractor in a similar way that we would target the ideal customer. 

The right hire will do their research on you via google and social media. You want to bring the right players to you, which is why your online presence is crucial. Being clear about your company’s mission online will allow potential hires to either align with you or decide if it’s not for them before wasting any of your company time. 

Automate the Hiring Process

Create a streamlined hiring process that requires the potential new hire to invest some of their own time into your company. If you’ve done the work of creating the right system and creatively market your online presence, the rest will fall into place. 

Here are a few hiring systems the G-FORCE Mastermind Network recommends:

Share the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY

When you put out a job posting, know who you are talking to, be proud to “brag” about the opportunity you’re offering and be clear about compensation. 

Being transparent during an interview builds trust with the employee from day one and it also gives them a chance to decide whether they have what it takes to level up to meet your company’s greatness. 

Your time is valuable, so you want to decrease any minute of your time being wasted on screening someone who is WRONG for your company. Setting these systems in place will help weed out those who were never right in the first place. 

Keeping ‘A’ Player Employees

Employee turnover costs a lot of money. The cost to keep your good employees saves money and keeps your mission moving forward. Having good benefits, aligned values and having FUN is worth every penny! Set milestones to motivate and quantify promotions/raises.

When you become a member of G-FORCE you are provided with a Mission Filter. This Mission Filter helps keep you clear and aligned with your vision and what steps to take to help your mission move forward. This is just one example of the tools G-FORCE Mastermind provides to assist you in making tough decisions such as hiring a new employee. 

Want to Join G-FORCE Mastermind?

If you’re an entrepreneur passionate about making a larger impact in your community, you are exactly who the G-FORCE Mastermind Network was created for. We can accomplish more by working together than we can working alone or competing against each other. 

G-FORCE Mastermind is still accepting applications to join the team. Visit to learn about the different membership levels and our plans to end world issues together!

If you would also like to be a force for good this week, shop with Amazon Smile and select Aerial Global Community as the charity you wish to support! If you pick us as your charity, a percentage of your purchase total will be donated to our nonprofit organizations.


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