How to Level Up Your GREATNESS Regardless of Circumstances

Jun 02, 2020

Instead of getting tossed around in the winds of life how can we set our minds on living in our greatness regardless of circumstances? David D. Archer Jr., renowned author, world leader and motivational speaker, shares with Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial how we can look past our current situation and level up our greatness in our most recent G-FORCE Conversation!

“The good thing about greatness is that it does not discriminate based on what age you are... at any time you can realize it.” - David D. Archer Jr.

3 Steps to Feeling GREAT Everyday

There is a lot of negativity in the news right now and although it is important to stay informed so we can create the solutions that will allow us to be a force for good, we must be in the right state of mind to do so. 

David shares 3 ways he keeps a positive mindset in order to meet his own greatness everyday. We will share a few key takeaways from this G-FORCE interview below. 

Only 15 Minutes of News a Day

Set 5 minutes aside 3x/day to consume as much news as we can to be “in the know” and stay informed. After those 5 minutes, step away from the news

We operate in the subconscious mind, so if we’re constantly hearing about all of the things that are going wrong in the world, our mind will become what we are consuming - negativity. Being in a negative mindset makes it difficult to be GREAT!

The “YES” Exercise

Say “YES” 25 times a day to engage the mind in something positive! This helps continue to fight against a negative mindset. We must exercise our brains in the same way we would exercise our body. 

Could you imagine waking up to hearing 25 customers saying ‘YES’ to your business?

Ask the Right Questions

When faced with a challenge, we can ask the wrong questions and then spiral into negativity or we can ask ourselves,  

“How can I help?” 

“How can I shift my business?” 

“What should I be focusing on?”

If we don’t combat a negative mindset, we will have a hard time seeing an opportunity to be a force for good.

Invest in People vs. Technology

David D. Archer Jr. teaches us that if our business model puts people first, we will sustain better over time. Regardless, of how far we advance in technology, the human being has always been and will always be the #1 resource

“People are the drivers of what will get us through this...”  - David D. Archer Jr.

David stresses that we should be spending time in research & development to understand what the human (customer and employee) wants now and in the future. 

We should be asking our employees, “How can I help YOU to become greater than you are right now?”

Want to Connect with David D. Archer Jr.?

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We leave you with this final quote that we love from our conversation with David...

“Be passionately quiet about where you’re going but aggressive about how you’re going to get there.” -  David D. Archer Jr.

Watch the full interview here: 


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