Tips for Living an Even Healthier Life

Jun 23, 2020

After 6 years of active duty, Chase Chewning was medically discharged from the military after a string of injuries required him to have bilateral reconstructive hip surgeries. Chase overcame being told he would never walk again to now being known as a health & fitness coach, motivator, and successful entrepreneur. He holds credentials as an ACE Certified Health Coach and TRX Certified Suspension Trainer. Living a life of wellness became a huge part of his life so he could overcome his disabilities. 

In this G-FORCE Influencer Interview, Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial and creator of G-FORCE Mastermind, talks with Chase about topics ranging from sleep habits and nutrition to supplements and apps that will help you get on the track towards healthy living.

Ever Forward

‘Ever Forward’ is a phrase woven into every aspect of Chase’s life. This phrase came from the perspective that “someone always has it worse”. Chase’s father used...

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How to Integrate Impact Part I

Jun 19, 2020

We talk a lot about purpose because that's what the G-FORCE Mastermind is all about and during this session Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial and creator of G-FORCE Mastermind, breaks down practical steps that will help you find your purpose and how to integrate your purpose into your business to increase overall impact. 

What is Purpose?

Purpose is the reason you exist. This purpose is based on what you were given, what you saw and what you do with it. 

Inner Purpose 

Your inner purpose starts with the inner relationship you have with everyone and everything. This inner foundation is what everything needs to flow from. Find and share the light within yourself. To get started ask yourself, 

“What is the gift I share with the world?”

“Who am I becoming?”

“Who do I want to be

This work is inner work for you and not for anyone else.

Outer Purpose 

Outer Purpose is finding ways to express your inner purpose. This...

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Making The Shift in Your Financial Life

Jun 16, 2020

Imagine being able to live your life on your own terms and no longer have to worry about money. In this G-FORCE Influencer Interview, Britnie Turner, Founder and CEO of Aerial and G-FORCE Mastermind, talks with financial guru Jerremy Newsome about how he made the shift from corporate life to trading in the stock market. Jerremy talks about what made him decide to leave his job to truly build the life he wanted to live.

Over the last 6 years, Jerremy has built a reputation as one of the foremost pioneers in ‘fiscal therapy’. Fiscal therapy is talking you through your thoughts and processes about money. He developed this while working with traders all over the world and talking them through their beliefs about money and how it relates to their financial processes.

Beliefs and thoughts about money control 99.99% of people’s perception around money. If you have negative beliefs and thoughts about money, money will always be hard. But it doesn't have to be!


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Equipping Your Team For Success

Jun 11, 2020


Over the past two G-FORCE Mastermind sessions, we’ve covered 2 of the3 main responsibilities of an entrepreneur. In this session, we will cover the 3rd responsibility.

    1. Have and hold the mission and vision of the company 
    2. Hire exceptional talent
    3. Make sure they have the resources they need to do their job.



There are 4 types of resources that are critical for your business to function properly; physical, human, intellectual and financial. 

When thinking about each type of resource, ask yourself, “would the job be more difficult or impossible without it?” 

Physical resources are the tangible things the organization uses to create value. This can be the software your employees use, your buildings or offices, product inventory or the manufacturing plant required to create your products. 

Human Resources are your employees and customers. Never underestimate people. Your job is to put together a puzzle of people. You must put...

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How To CAPITALIZE on Your Opportunities

Jun 09, 2020

Jonathan Frederick is the host of a successful podcast called the Heart Healthy Hustle Show. He specializes in interviewing force for good entrepreneurs and is a student of life. In this G-FORCE Influencer Interview, Britnie Turner, Founder and CEO of Aerial and G-Force Mastermind, talks with Jonathan about the blessings in disguise and how we can capitalize on current opportunities.

““There's a difference between taking advantage of a crisis and capitalizing on an opportunity that is happening during a crisis.” - Jonathan Frederick

Jonathan describes pain as the catalyst for his podcast. During a period of being “broke” in all areas of his life, his faith steered him in the direction to serve the greater good. Today he shares 3 practical exercises to help you realize your gifts, unique abilities and understanding that your voice matters.

The #1 Opportunity - TIME

Any excuse we can ever make comes down to time. Whether you believe you don’t have...

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How to Have & Hold the Mission & Vision of Your Company

Jun 04, 2020

Every week the entrepreneurs of the G-FORCE Mastermind community join forces to discuss current business opportunities for impact and growth. This G-FORCE Mastermind session covers how entrepreneurs can have and hold the most important aspect of their company - their MISSION and VISION


When using the phrase “to have” the mission and vision of your company, we are referring to having extreme clarity on what that mission and vision is. Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial created a streamlined approach on how to narrow down your mission. When you join G-FORCE, you’re tasked with writing your eulogy. Writing your eulogy pushes you to get clear on what matters most. As you continue with the G-FORCE Mastermind, tools are provided to help keep your company aligned with actionable tasks to meet your end goal.

“To hold” your company’s mission and vision means infusing your mission into your decisions and actions. It’s...

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How to Level Up Your GREATNESS Regardless of Circumstances

Jun 02, 2020

Instead of getting tossed around in the winds of life how can we set our minds on living in our greatness regardless of circumstances? David D. Archer Jr., renowned author, world leader and motivational speaker, shares with Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial how we can look past our current situation and level up our greatness in our most recent G-FORCE Conversation!

“The good thing about greatness is that it does not discriminate based on what age you are... at any time you can realize it.” - David D. Archer Jr.

3 Steps to Feeling GREAT Everyday

There is a lot of negativity in the news right now and although it is important to stay informed so we can create the solutions that will allow us to be a force for good, we must be in the right state of mind to do so. 

David shares 3 ways he keeps a positive mindset in order to meet his own greatness everyday. We will share a few key takeaways from this G-FORCE interview below. 

Only 15 Minutes of News a Day

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How to Hire ‘A’ Players in Your Sleep

May 28, 2020

The G-FORCE Mastermind Network comes together every week to discuss current business opportunities for impact and growth, innovative ideas and solutions to increase our overall impact. 

Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial started G-FORCE Mastermind to help entrepreneurs who are committed to being a force for good. She is committed to expediting your entrepreneurial journey by sharing her previous mistakes and challenges, so you can spend less time learning from mistakes and more time serving your community and growing your business. 

This G-FORCE Mastermind session covers a common challenge all entrepreneurs can relate to - hiring the right team or as we like to call them, ‘A’ Players. Employees who do not share your same vision will cost you in time, money and progress; but letting go of bad hires will help you amplify your mission.

What is an ‘A’ Player?

The G-FORCE Network labels any employee with the following qualities as someone we ...

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